Name Morcubus
Star Level 0
Affiliation MorcuCorp, Chaos Pirates
Location MorcuWorld
Role King of MorcuWorld
Allies All MorcuWorld Members
Enemies SkyForce
Sim Protection Agency

Morcubus appears in MySims MorcuWorld as your leader. He guides you through on what to do in order to defeat SkyForce, SPA and many other people! In one part of the game, Morcubus is seen taking money out of the Town Bank and you end up taking all the gold from the Gold Mine, then Morcubus suddenly suspends you for 2 days.

Task 1

Name: MorcuCrush!

Objective: Spy on the SPA Meeting at 11pm Monday. Then return to Morcubus and give him the information.

Location: SPA Agency

Reward: 500 MorcuDollars

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