Morcubus is an antagonist of the MySims series and CEO of MorcuCorp. He has appeared in many MySims games (all of the canon games to date and also the majority of fanon games).

Role in Games


  • Morcubus is usually known to be very narcissistic, due to the fact he names every thing with the word "Morcu" in front of it.
  • Morcubus's name was actually supposed to be Marcus, but since his parents had bad handwriting, his name became Morcubus. (He tells you after doing task The Meaning of Morcubus in MySims Kingdom.)
  • In The Sims 3 Generations while telling a ghost story, a picture of Morcubus and/or Zombie Carl may appear over a Sim's head.
  • Morcubus' French name, Sinistrus, comes from the word "sinister".
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