• Morcubus (leader; soon to be ruler of world)
  • Esma (Morcubus' right hand)
  • Brandi (joined; Esma's assistant)
  • Violet (forced to join)
  • Star (joined; spying on agency)
  • Goth Boy (joined; has a resteraunt front)
  • Vincent (joined; spying on agency)
  • Koopster (joined; (user) creator of Neo MorcuCorp)
  • Buddy (re-educated; used to get back at a spy)
  • Blanky (joined)
  • Poppy (re-educated; used to keep Violet in line)
  • Roger (original member; came back after learning running from cops is exercise)
  • Dentface (joined; supplying weapons)

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