MorcuCorp appears in MySims Stranded still as evil as ever. Their "evil" plot in this game is to make a game show. Instead of asking people to join, they sink a ship (the S.S. Queen B) filled with innocent people. How did they do? With Raven Wright's bewitching good looks (and the fact that "she's the only member who knows how to swim"), she dressed up as a mermaid ("MorcuMaid") and distracted the pirates attacking the S.S. Queen B while Yuki used her submarine to crash through the ships. At the end of the game when You made a very advanced civilization, Morcubus explains that this was just a game show to see what would happen. Your allies then release animals on them that

  • You were going to eat.
  • You stole from the "Collectable Kingdom Pals".
  • The Collectable Kingdom Pals released.

Porkubus will attack Morcubus, ravens will attack Raven, an emu will attack Esma, bats will attack Yuki, Bobaboo will attack Sir Vincent Skullfinder, and giant tarantulas will attack Brandi. They will have to swim away revealing that Raven Wright wasn't the only one who knew how to swim the others were just lazy.


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