Morcubus - CEO

Esma - Second Commander

Yuki - Worker

Justice - Worker

Derek - Worker

Skip Rogers - Worker

Beebee - Worker

Violet - Worker



You - If you try to save Poppy! (HINT- To escape, you have to press: Wii= A x2 Ds= A, B, Y, X.)



Sir Charles


  • Brandi has quit MorcuCorp and has new interests! Before you recruit her, she is an employee of Gino!
  • Beebee felt jealous when you busted Preston, so now she tries to take revenge
  • Violet now hates Poppy and trapped her in the MorcuCorp Dungeon! Only in Star Level 2/10 you can save her.
  • Esma wears a Wedding Dress because she thinks, that the invite from Morcubus is a request of Marriage, so Morcubus decides you should see what's up with Esma! In the end, the invite was to a Dinner at Gino's but you stop them!

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