MorcuCorp's Island appears in MySims Agents II : HQ vs. MorcuCorp.


MorcuCorp 's Island was discovered by Morcazart , the famous painter who is the wealthy father Morcubus. At first this island Morcazart tennait secret. Then he shows a' Morcubus. And voila, MorcuCorp 's 'Island belongs to Morcazart but live by Morcubus's employees.


  • Morcubus - CEO (It is not there)
  • Esma - employee/Advised (It is not there)
  • Dr. Nefario - Advised/Scientific
  • Raven - Advised (It is not there)
  • Mel the Mummy - Advised (It is not there)
  • Cassandra - Advised
  • Morcazart - Against Society (It is not there)
  • Morcubots - Robot's Company (It is not there)
  • Morcubus Jr. - Morcubus's Son (It is not there)
  • Black - Dog (It is not there)
  • Preston - Advised (It is not there)
  • Ray - Advised (It is not there)

Those who stay temporarily on the island

  • Agent Mike - Agent
  • You - Agent
  • Roxie - Scientific
  • Brandi - girlfriend

Those who are fan/loving society - Who are some services

  • Derek
  • Skip Rogers
  • Goth Boy

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