There are 102 missions in both Part 1 and Part 2, and they're REALLY long to complete.

List of missions

Part 1 1. The Tutorial 2. The Beginner's Side 3. How to move like a Ghost 4. Violet's Big Fear 5. The Mission with lots of Ghosts 6. Cuteness Overload!! 7. The Ghost Pizza Mystery 8. Derek Returns 9. Invasion 10. Waters, Waters, and WATERS!!! 11. No Bunnies?! 12. Son of the Ghosts 13. Attack of "Pallyquest Online"! 14. Rob Jarett + Sensitive + Ghosts = Ghost Fearing Boy 15. Ghosts in the House! 16. Morcubus's Returneth 17. Revenge of Morcubus's Army 18. The inventor of "Pallyquest Online" 19. Talk to Cassandra 20. Back to the Lab Not many missions have been unveiled so far.

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