Mira (Galaxy) Mira Cull
Mira Cull (MSSH)
Name Mira (Galaxy) Mira Cull
Home/Home Galaxy Observatory
Species Human
Group Galactical Force
Role Cook
Family Barney Cull and Elmira Clamp

Mira Cull appears in MySims Galaxy. She lives on the Observatory with her dad. She works in the Kitchen and dining area of the Observatory. When she's not cooking or working in the Kitchen, she's either spending time with Elmira in the Library, or watching the Fish Tank with Iggy.


Apple Pie, [player name]

Objective: Collect five red apples for Mira Cull.

Notepad Task Dialogue: Mira needs five red apples for her apple pie. Collect as soon as possible, and you'll get a reward.

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: Well done. Now, sooner or later that present will come in handy *hint, hint*

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