Name Melthutamenemopet
Home/Home Galaxy Raceway Galaxy
Species Mummy (Egyptain)
Group None
Role Undead Racer
Family None
Mel Kart

Mel's Kart.

Melthutamenemopet appears in MySims Galaxy Wii. He is a racer in the Raceway Galaxy.


The Two-Legged Cup

Objective: Compete in the cup, and try and come in the top three.

Notepad Task Dialogue: Mel's hosting the first cup. Go and join, and prove how good you are.

Notepad Task Completion Dialogue: Well done! You did well in your first cup. Keep up the good work!


When you're working on another galaxy

  • That Goth Boy kid's well quiet. I mean, I'm the king of spookyness yet I natter loads and he doesn't. Wierd?
  • When I was alive, the methords of transport were a lot slower. But, at least they were more suited to Eygpt.

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