Mauna Oruna is a beautiful island in the sapphire seas of MySims Safari. It was formed by underwater volcanic chimneys, and so the volcanic soil allows plenty of special flora and fauna to be found above the water line. The mountain in the centre is said to be home to several spirits, which inhabit the area due to it's floral properties.

Appearance & Features

Upon approaching the island, you will begin to see a large mountain, with tall trees surrounding it. There is a long wooden port, with resort style huts made of wood, decorated with hibiscus flowers litter the area. There is a strip of shops on the west side of the island with neon lighting and signs outside with the name of the shop on. There is also dancing hula doll animatronics dancing outside of them. The arcade is open down the street, which overlooks the harbour, and also the rocket launch pad. As you go in to the mountain, you find rarer more diverse animals. Up here the air also gets thinner. Near the top, there is a little hut, known as the Balloon Tour building, where you can rent out Hot Air Balloons.


  • Vic Vector
  • Ali
  • Lingus
  • Trevor
  • Nathan
  • Nicole

My Sims Soundtrack - Boutique-100:43

My Sims Soundtrack - Boutique-1


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