Marcus O' Kartin-Dobencha-LeDartuin or Marcus
[[Marcus in game|250px]]
Marcus O' Kartin-Dobencha-LeDartuin
Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Tanned
Faction Homosexual
Health  ???
Level Star Level 5
Status Fun, Cute
Location Marcus' House

Marcus is a member of Chaz's Fan Club! He is crazy about his stunts and never misses a performance!


Marcus is a friendly person, and never stopped talking, dreaming or thinking of Chaz's stunts, except when he sees people in animal suits! As he is the No. 1 fan of Chaz, Chaz has chosen him to direct his stunts! He loves people in cute animal costumes and sometimes follows them and tries to take the costume!


  • Fun
  • Cute


  • Studious


Hotel Introduction:

Can you believe Chaz is gonna be living here... I hope he does!!!!!!!!

Accept Move-In:

Make sure it's fascinating for Chaz... oh and add some cute for me!

After you build house:

Thanks... You are a good person! BUT THIS HOUSE IS EXTREME!

Request for more stuff:

I, Marcus, demand to have more stuff... like cute and fun... nothing studious!

Star Level 5:

  • Chaz McFreely is the most EXTREME stunt man throughout this century...
  • Have you ever seen me follow people in animal suits? It seems funny!
  • Hi, [player name], good day, eh?
  • ANIMAL MAN! YAY! Oops! Embarrassment... sorry if I embarrassed you...
  • Have you ever heard of DJ Candy... she's alright... I guess...
  • Chaz's show in... 3... 2... 1... Oh wait... He cancelled 'cuz he forgot his own bike back home in his old town!
  • [Town name] is the most bestest area ever! I'm sooooooo glad I live here! Thank you, [player name], tell Mayor Rosalyn the same thing as I said to you...
  • Did you know... Chaz has a crush on the hyper cheerleader, Summer! I caught them dancing at the Royal Academy, thanks to my friend who was the Wandolier...
  • Hi, how's you today, I'm fine... Have you seen a kid in a frog costume... It was freaky... but I ended up chasing him around the whole town.. He was freaked out...

Best Friend


You are now an official member of Chaz's fan club... wait... MY fan club...


Couch- Bunny Blueprint

Bed- Bike Blueprint

Turntable- EXTREME Blueprint

Television- Froggy Blueprint


  • Marcus has Brown Eyes on the cover of MySims Mix, but in the game, he has Green eyes!
  • Although Tim is the No. 1 fan of Chaz, Marcus doesn't care if he likes or not!
  • Marcus is probably Serene Dartuin's brother as they both have a surname with Dartuin, but it has not been confirmed!
  • Marcus's name has been taken from Suite Life On Deck
  • Marcus looks really different in his Kingdom outfit, which appears to be very similar to Agent Speedature's outfit!


Marcus in his kingdom outfit!

Marcus in game

Marcus' Game Appearance


Marcus on cover

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