Name Magellan
Home/Home Galaxy Adventurers Galaxy
Species Lemur
Group None
Role Animal Resident
Family None

Magellan appears in MySims Galaxy Wii. He is a lemur in the Adventurers Galaxy. He is incharge of a small pack of Lemur's, sometimes when Mike and Lyndsay aren't in the camp, they can be seen raiding the camp for food. This doesn't bother Lyndsay at all, but Mike threatens he'll set coconuts on them. Magellan is the only lemur you can talk to in the game.


Na Noisy Nissue ...

Objective: Talk to the Sim residents, and find out clues from them as to who's damaging the caves.

Notepad Task Dialogue: Magellan has an issue. His cave is being regularally damaged. He wants you to find the culperit.

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: Well done. Now I wonder, what his royal lemurness will ask of you next ...

The Jewel Behind All This

Objective: Find out what the Jewel is called and what it's used for.

Notepad Task Dialogue: Magellan wants to find out what the big issue is about the jewel. Find out what it is and what does it do.

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: Interesting ... I wonder why those people want it ...

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