Madame Zoe Boudreaux
Madame Zoe
Name Madame Zoe Boudreaux
Home/Home Galaxy Ninja Jutsus Galaxy
Species Human
Group None
Role Fourtune Teller
Family Iggy

Madame Zoe Boudreaux appears in MySims Galaxy Wii. She is a fourtune teller on the Ninja Jutsus Galaxy.


Lost In The Crystal Ball

Objective: Find Madame Zoe's Crystal Ball.

Notepad Task Dialogue: Madame Zoe's lost her favourite Crystal Ball, can you find it for her? It's probably somewhere outside *hint, hint*

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: Well done! I told you it would be outside. Now, you're ready to go!


When working on another galaxy

  • How's your quest going? Wait, don't ask me! I'll ask my crystal ball.
  • Can you predict anything, [player name]?

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