MC Emi
MC Emi (MSP)

MC Emi's character info

Hair Colour Strawberry Pink
Eye Colour Strawberry Pink
Skin Colour Pale
MorcuCorp or Not Not
Location First, Club Candy, The Gross Coast; Second, an unknown location; Finally, Mitch's Exhibit, The Cuddly Coast
Role Neko
Family None
MC Emi appears in MySims Agents 4: The Cutopian Crime. She parties in Club Candy for all the Gross Coast level so she can forget about leaving Mitch. She likes dancing all over the place and is sometimes asks to shout into the microphone. Once you complete this level, MC Emi gives you a bike that will help you travel around Cutopia since it is such a big place. Then, she disappears. You see her again in The Cuddly Coast, where she is always at Mitch's exhibit.


The Gross Coast

  • I'm totally out of breath but I just can't stop dancing! If I sleep I will dream about *sniff* MITCH!!
  • Which instrument do you think plays the best up there? I think *starts crying* OH, MITCH! I miss you so much!

The Cuddly Coast

  • Mitch is so cute!
  • Mitch's bow tie is so cute!!


  • You could travel the world but nothing comes close to the Golden Coast! Haha!! I just love these Katie & Perry songs!

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