Lumineer Landing is an island in MySims Safari. It is very sci-fi themed but unlike Rocket Reef it has a more modern feel to it, with the exception of some parts.

Appearance & Features

The island itself is dark and eery, stray pipes make easy connections to water supplies around the island. There are few trees, and those trees are generally spiny monkey puzzles towering over the top of the tiny 'science experiment' tomato sprouts. Once contact is made with the island, you can begin to see a white building; a dome with artificial lightning hitting the sides of the dome with strength. Besides that, there is another white building, this one, a square shape. It has several satellite dishes around it and inside their is hundreds of robot prototypes. 

Over the river, there is another building. Linked on to the main building, what seems to be an annex. Upon entering this building you can see it is actually a cafe. The building next to it was mainly made of white opaque glass. The white panels around it where crystal clear and you can see right through it in fact, they were transparent. On the inside is a humongous scientific archive of experiments from hundreds of years ago that the three scientists have kept.


  • NORI*
  • T.O.B.O.R.
  • Dr. F
  • Alexa Lexington
  • Fred Auth
  • Proto-Makoto
  • MorcuBot (Disabled)

* indicates that the character is unconfirmed

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