Image caption
Vital statistics
Title Title
Gender Female
Race Lizard...
Faction MegaLizard Clan
Health 1000
Level 10
Status Single
Location Twinkle Hills

Liz the Lizard is a lizard that lives with Ryan Jase. She is a secret agent under morcucorp, and spies on Ryan. She also has a mission to figure out what Kris does to travel time. She disappears in school and goes to the agency to get her mission.


Liz wasn't the plumpest egg in the nest, but she was POWERFUL. She ended up joining morcucorp after Agent Walker ran over her mom, and Buddy's Pigeon turned the red corpse white.


Liz has a dispatch mission in an Agents game that CLAIMS she is a witness of the MegaLizard Clan, but is a set up to destroy your team. The concequence somes to this: Ya win, she's a recruit, ya lose, ya lose the team you sent. She is Nature, Nature, Paranormal, Smarts, and Charsmia.


In her mission, send Travis, Preston, and Leaf. (If you have them). It's duriation is 12 of 12. When you get message 2, it has Travis asking: "What do I do, be friendly or suspicious?". Choose suspicious. When Preston asks you "Ahh! Ahh! Whaa! *Static*?", choose "Baseball Bat?", and the mission continues. When Leaf asks about Infiltrating, choose No. The Lizards ambush, but with Peston's bat, you ward them off. When Travis asks about High Frequency attack or Low Bass Tones, choose High Frequency to distract the lizards so Leaf can hit 'em. The next one is Leaf asking "Trust or Betray?", and, of course, betray is the answer. You flee when Liz comes up to you. This is just lucky here. Liz asks "A or B", and choose A. She becomes a recruit. Don't ask what B is. If you choose anything incorrectly, it ends up 12 texts, but is always failure.


"Hss! Hss-hsss-sss!"- Um...


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