Main Characters

Sub-Capital Islands

  • Dahlia (Hero)
  • Buddy as Sketch Artist (Hero)
  • Lyndsay as MySims Agents (Hero)

Festival Beach

  • Marlon wear glasses (Guild)
  • Chef Gino Delicioso original (Helper)


  • Zack (Helper)
  • Sapphire (Helper)
  • Makoto original (Club-breaker)

Autumn Bay

  • Joshua (Heart-broken)


  • Barney Cull as MySims SkyHeroes (Married)
  • Mira Cull (Related)
  • Chaz McFreely as MySims SkyHeroes (Helper)
  • DJ Candy "Supergroove" as MySims SkyHeroes (Helper)

Forest of the Elves

  • Proto-Makoto (Concert-breaker)

Capital Islands

  • King Roland (Day-dreaming)
  • Princess Butter (Day-dreaming)

Rocket Reef

  • Dr. Nefario (Hypnosis)
  • T.O.B.O.R. (Nefario's employee)
  • Alexa Lexington (Nefario's employee)
  • Dr. F as MySims SkyHeroes (Nefario's employee)

Sub Characters


  • Amelia (Makoto's friend)

Rocket Reef

  • Vic Vector as MySims Kingdom (Nefario's Slave)
  • Ol' Gabby as MySims SkyHeroes (Nefario's Pilot)

Forest of the Elves

  • Petal (Nature's guardian)
  • Leaf (Superstar)

Autumn Bay

  • Hopkins (Fisherman)
  • Joseph (Fisherman)

Festival Beach

  • Roxie Road as MySims Kingdom (Tourist)
  • Grandma Ruthie as Cowboy Junction (Tourist)
  • Chef Charlie Delicioso (Gino's consin)

City Boardwalk

  • Chef Hisao Watanabe (Sushi bar)
  • Jimmy Watanabe (Sushi bar)
  • Sachiko Watanabe (Sushi bar)
  • Timmy original (Customer)
  • Clara Belle original (Customer)
  • Taylor original (Customer)
  • Rosalyn P. Marshall as MySims Kingdom (Excursions)
  • Liberty as MySims Kingdom (Camper)
  • Summer as MySims Kingdom (Camper)
  • Travis as MySims Kingdom (Camper)


  • Duchess Beverly (Dahlia chooser)
  • Sir Spencer as MySims Kingdom (Dahlia's fall in love)
  • Lord Daniel (Dahlia's bad concept)
  • Violet as MySims Kingdom (Dahlia hater)
  • Poppy as MySims Kingdom (Animal-fanatic)

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