Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones is a friend of Betty.



She works as a double agent in MySims Fanon: The Game. When Blanky and Orange Yoda first meet her, she is undercover as a secretary working at Yuki's Vampire Suite. She suspects that Blanky and Orange Yoda to be Morcubus' minions. She tries to trick them into signing some paperwork while she calls SPA. However, Blanky gets confused as to why she has to fill out paperwork, so she and Orange Yoda decide to use it to toast bread instead. Because of this, the hotel catches on fire! This begins a mini-game, you play as Lisa and you must put out all fires before the hotel burns down. After this, Lisa accuses them of working for MorcuCorp and questions Blanky and Orange Yoda about Morcubus' new plot. They explain to her their whole mission and she reveals her true identity, Yuki overhears this and attacks wirh no questions asked. Once you defeat her, Lisa will become a playable characters.


She is one of SPA's best undercover agents. Her master disguise powers help her sneak past enemies without being noticed. She was trained in the art of Sim-Fu by the master himself, Master Aran. She has great strength but small amount of health, so use her defense to your advantage.



She was one of the top students at the Sim-Fu Academy but none of the students liked her because she was Master Aran's favorite student.

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