Lion's Harbour is an island in MySims Safari. It is a savannah island, and is inspired by the plains in South Africa. Oftenly spotted on this island are lions, gazelles and zebras.

Appearance & Features

Lion's Harbour is the largest island and is often considered the most beautiful. Seperated in two, the island is torn apart by a ravine through the heart of the savannah plains. The plateau connects both parts with a bridge over the ravine. The bridge however does look unstable but the residents paint it with reds and blues to make it look happy and clean. On the seperated part of the island there is one tree and a viewing tower. The tree is distinctly a baobab but unlike other baobab trees there is a black split, going through the centre. This split illustrates the tree has been hit by lightning. The viewing tower can be seen from all corners of the island with the exception of the beach.

On the other side there is huge sweeping acacia trees with savannah lilies perching themselves in the shade of the tree. There is a waterhole where crocodiles stare hungrily at the gazelles and parrots fly out to sea. There is seven mud huts beside the waterhole. South of the watering hole there is a dense outlet of trees. The darkest part of the island is still inhabited with blue, scarlet and white flowers and hands printed on the trees. The town by the beach has wooden houses with cobblestone floors and concrete storerooms, carved deep into the cliffs.


  • Gonk
  • Sylvia
  • Lyndsay
  • Amile
  • King Mike
  • Sanska


My Sims Soundtrack - Fortuneteller00:37

My Sims Soundtrack - Fortuneteller

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