Linda Verily (previously known as Linda Skullfinder) is a studious woman who loves books and plays. She's always polite, always apologizing for whatever she says, even when she's said nothing wrong! She always has her signature afro hairstyle.

Roles in Games


  • Linda has red hair in MySims and MySims Party, where as she has brown hair in MySims Kingdom.
  • Linda Verily, along with Gordon, are the only two Sims in MySims Kingdom who don't offer tasks.
  • Linda used to be married to Sir Vincent, but it was an arranged marriage so they were unhappy. When the player tells Linda that Vincent is cheating on her, Trevor cries "Hur-rah! Now I can propose to my truely belove-ed, Linda!" then everyone stares at him and he apologizes, similar to what Linda would do. Linda later accepts and has a wedding with him in the credits of MySims Underwater-Fantasy.
  • Linda Verily is the only character from Trevor Island that doesn't appear in MySims Agents.

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