Katrina Skullfinder
Talk on da podium

Character Info

Townie or Commercial? Townie Sim
Star Level Star Level 5
Role Rich Young Lady
Residence Name Skullfinder Manor

Katrina Skullfinder (or Katrina for short) is a lonely young girl seeking popularity. She is forced to stay in the mansion all day while her father is at work.


Katrina would've been able to come out of the house, but since she didn't come with her father at Star Level 2 (She didn't think the town was good enough for her yet), she is forced to stay in it. Thank goodness it's not with her quote-on-quote "crazy" mother, though!


  • Fun
  • Studious


  • Cute


Hotel Introduction

  • Hey, there! I'm Katrina. Katrina Skullfinder.

Accept Move-In

  • OMG, definately not! I know you are going to lock me in there because I didn't come with my dad!!

After You Build House

  • Well, *sigh* if you already built the house there's no need to put it to waste.

Request For More Stuff

  • What? You want to add more stuff to this place?? No need to, my father doesn't deserve it... Though, maybe a television would be in order????

Star Level 5

  • My boss, Katie, just texted me if I liked her nightclub or DJ Candy's nightclub better. What am I suppose to say?? She's my boss!!!
  • Ooh! Chaz is having a show Sunday at the beach!! Too bad my dad will be working then and I can't come...
  • Sapphire Blu-Energy Burstz or Red Buddy?
  • Incase you haven't noticed, Linda is my mother and Vince is my father.
  • Yuki keeps on trying to steal my money! She calls them "shinies." Wish Ginny was a sheriff...
  • I'm on the same cheer leading squad as Summer. How do I survive?? I don't have to go the meets!!!
  • How do you keep getting in my house if it's locked!?
  • Yesterday, I bought some Chaz glasses from Shirley. They're in my wardrobe if you wanna see them but finding something in there would be impossible!

Best Friend

  • You want to be best friends? Thanks, but I already have one... I guess I can have two, though. I mean, Amanda Jane will be my BFFFL and you'll be my BFF. Sound good?

Best Friend Reward

  • Sculpture - Safe blueprint

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