Katrina Skullfinder
Talk on da podium

Character Info

Role Rich Young Lady
Minigame Hosting Ridiculous Wardrobe
Festival? N/A
Area Twinkle Hills

Katrina Skullfinder (or Katrina for short) is a minigame host in MySims Party. Her minigame is called "Ridiculous Wardrobe." You and the other players will try and find the item she is asking for such as a pair of glasses or some boots before the time runs out. Every level gets harder so you may have to look under items for something.


During Minigame

  • Yesterday, I bought some Chaz glasses from Shirley. They're in my wardrobe if you wanna see them but finding something in there would be impossible! Please Help!!
  • Yay, thanks! Now I can wear this stuff later on like a date or something!!

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