Katrina Skullfinder
Katrina (MSK)

Character Info

Role Rich Young Lady
Home Island Capital Island
Interest See Profile

Katrina Skullfinder (or Katrina for short) appears in MySims Kingdom as a peasant.


Katrina Skullfinder thought the Uncharted Isle was irritating so she stole the Old Wandolier's boat and gave it to Barney Cull. As a reward, Barney asked King Roland if Katrina could stay there. She did... UNTIL PRINCESS BUTTER DESTROYED IT! Katrina is seeking revenge by competing in the Wandolier Tryouts.


  • Fun
  • Elegant


  • Cute


During Find the Invitations Task

  • You may think it was mean of me to push her off that cliff and make Buddy drop his letters but... BUTTER TORE UP MY ROOM IN THE CASTLE FOR HER STUPID, LITTLE GARDEN!

During Mana Hunt!

  • These Mana things are like crystals... I MUST HAVE SOME!

After Mana Hunt!

  • I offered Butter a flower... THERE WAS THIS BEE IN IT AND IT STUNG HER!

When You Make Butter Happy So She'll Give You the Gear Scroll

  • Okay, okay, I think I got my revenge. She looks hurt... BUT THEN AGAIN SHE WOULDN'T GIVE YOU THOSE GEARS!

Outside Elmira Clamp's House

  • I visit the piggies daily... THEY ARE ADORABLE!

Inside Barney Cull's House

  • You know that I like crystals? Well, I went to Spookane yesterday thinking Violet would be there and I got a fortune from Madame Zoe's fortunite crystal. She said that... ELMIRA AND BARNEY ARE GOING TO HAVE BABY! Ain't that weird?

Outside Barney Cull's House

  • Did I ever tell you I stole the Royal Boat?? I'm surprised Sheriff Ginny hasn't caught up with me...

Night Time

  • You know, [player name], a peasant needs her beauty sleep. If I can't get it... I HAVE TO GET A SERVANT TO SLEEP FOR ME!

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