Jenny is a geeky science-fiction fanatic who's the self-proclaimed "wife" of Captain Argon from Starcruiser X, her favorite show. She also seems to be sociopathic due to not really showing emotion and doesn't really like to sleep much. She can live in a geeky house in your town if you invite her in. She also works as the reluctant and cynical receptionist for the SPA Headquarters in the City and always want's a day off. Her hobbies include blogging about and creating fan fiction of her favorite show. She appears in Mysims: The Mystery of Barracuda Mountain, MySims Galaxy, MySims Agents: Crown's Curse, MySims Action and MySims Fusion.

Role in Games


  • In MySims: The Mystery of Barracuda Mountain, she has a crush on Jonathan.
  • She and Jessica tend to fight since they used to fight over Jonathan, but Jenny won, Even though they still tend to fight often, in Mysims: The Mystery of Barracuda Mountain.
  • She wears she wears brighter colors in Mysims: The Mystery of Barracuda Mountain as shown on her dialougue icon shown on the right.
    Jenny BarracudaMystery

    Jenny's Dialogue Icon in MySims: The Mystery of Barracuda Mountain.

  • Jenny's concept artwork for MySims shows her wearing a green beret, instead of the dark beret that she wears in the game.
  • Starcruiser X seems to be based upon the television series, Star Trek.
  • Jenny has Violet's voice type in MySims, while in MySims Agents she has Lyndsay's voice type.
  • Jenny makes a cameo appearance in MySims Racing.
  • When Jenny is in MySims Agents the magazine she is reading has Morcubus on the cover.
  • Even though her bio says, she doesn't sleep she still has a bed.
  • Even though she doesn't appear in MySims SkyHeroes (DS), you're still able to wear her hairdo if you're a girl.
  • After finishing Makoto's dispatch mission, High School Yearbook, Jenny says for you to try and find her picture in her class yearbook, which she might be saying she's in high school.
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