Isaac Clarke is a systems engineer working for the Concordance Extraction Corporation and is the main protagonist of the Dead Space series. His trademark is the Engineering RIG helmet he wears.

Roles in Games


Dead Space series

Isaac Clarke is a tall man who bears a major resemblance to his MySims counterpart, when he wears his Engineering RIG. In the series, he looks exactly the same as he would in MySims, though he is taller, more human-like and has more details on his clothing, such as ruffled pants and blood stains.

However, without his helmet on, Isaac has notable facial features. He has short, brown hair and blue eyes. He also has 5-o'clock shadow, and appears to have either black eyes or bags under his eyes.

MySims Agents and MySims SkyHeroes

In the MySims series, Isaac Clarke looks relatively like his Dead Space counterpart, except for the fact that he is shorter, and more sim-like. He also lacks the blood stains on his armour along with other minor details, like his ruffled pants. He wears his Engineering RIG, which consists of a brown helmet, with three blue lights appearing from it, which act as a way to see, brown armour with a light grey-brown shirt underneath, with a gag-like object hanging from his neck. He also wears a brown and grey belt with two blue lights on it, and two brown boots.

Foreign Name

  • English: Isaac Clarke


  • In Dead Space, he is 46 years old.
  • The name "Isaac Clarke" pays homage to world renowned science fiction authors Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke.
  • Isaac has been likened to the character Ellen Ripley from the Alien horror film series.
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