Helen is a kind, old woman who is the mayor of a island resort town and a minigame host in the town that holds festivals. She also appears as a teacher in MySims Stranded working at Redrock, appears in MySims BusHeroes as the mayor of the city, appears in MySims Galaxy as a archeologist, and appears in MySims Fusion with an unknown role.

Roles in Games


  • Helen says she has a niece, who is also a mayor, Rosalyn as well as grandson, Tim Sweet.
  • One decoration in MySims, being a bust, shows some resemblance to Helen.
  • Patrick Rhino mentions Helen at Star Level 3 saying that Rosalyn is always bragging to Helen about your town.
  • Helen's hair is grey in most games but, it is white in MySims BusHeroes.
MySims Nova
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