Granny Selena "Selene" is a nice old woman that appears in MySims. She really loves cooking for her little grandchildren, and they always say her food tastes great.


  • Granny Selena is Cedella's Grandmother, as they both own cafes and Selena mentions her, and gives you Cedella's outft as a best friend.
  • Grandma Selena's husband is King Roland.
  • She has the tendency of saying "dearie" even though she knows your name.
  • In MySims 3, her loved interest is tasty, while in MySims 4, she hates tasty. Maybe because she is a fitness trainer.
  • She gives so many rewards for becoming your best friend.
  • She only keeps her eyes from MySims 3 to MySims 4, but they changed color.
  • She gives all the Uber Sims outfits.

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