Jillian Jones, better known as her stage name of "Goohie" is a fun sim who loves music. She once owned a music store. Goohie first appears in MySims, MyLife.



To create Goohie (MySims, MyLife appearance) in MySims (PC), you are able to input the following code into a Character Def file by replacing you or another sim.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<CharacterDef>    <Name>Player</Name>
    <HairIndex>2 </HairIndex>
    <HatIndex>0 </HatIndex>
    <SkinToneIndex>1 </SkinToneIndex>
    <MiscModIndex>0 </MiscModIndex>
    <MiscOpIndex>0 </MiscOpIndex>
    <DefaultAlpha>255 </DefaultAlpha>
    <PitchAdjustment>0.81 </PitchAdjustment>
</CharacterDef><PitchAdjustment>0.81 </PitchAdjustment>

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