Chef Gino Delicioso is a famous Italian pizza (and pasta) chef whose food is known all over the world. He has successfully opened several restaurants, including a cafe in your town, Cowboy Junction, the town that hosts festivals, Speedville, Autumn Bay, and in the City. Clad in white with a red bow-tie, Chef Gino is a lively character with a big ol' stache and a white chef's hat. He appears in MySims: Build Your Life!, MySims Islanders and MySims Action.

Role in Games

Foreign Names

  • English: Chef Gino
  • Dutch: Chef Marco


  • Chef Gino's cousin is Chef Charlie Delicioso, the experimental cake man from the DS version of MySims.
  • His last name "Delicioso" comes from the Romanian word "delicios", which means "tasty".
  • Strangely, Gino's last name "Delicioso" is Spanish, but Gino himself is Italian.
  • In MS:BYL, Gino says he hates sushi. In MSAL, Gino is a Sushi Chef.

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