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Funtonia was origionally Candypalooza but was built up to become a massive island of Fun. Theres now a club, a casino, a hair salon and a journalism office. But theres a lot to do before the grand opening of CLUB CANDY.

Funtonia is the 8th unlockable island.



  • DJ Candy - DJ/Owner of CLUB CANDY
  • Chaz McFreely - Stuntman/Rock Star
  • Marlon - Previous Wandolier/ Owner of the Casino
  • Annie Radd - Member of the 'Radd Revolution' band
  • Odin Revolution - Member of the 'Radd Revolution' band
  • Shirley - Beautician
  • Beebee - Casino Bunny
  • Zack - Roadie/Official President of the DJ Candy Fan Club
  • Sapphire - Roadie
  • Travis - Journalist
  • Rhonda - Fan
  • Pinky - Fan


  • The Amazing Daryl

The residents of Funtonia


  • Casino Au Marlon
  • The Daily Sim Journalists
  • Shirley's Hair Salon


All people on this island live in the Funtonia Apartments. DJ Candy lives in the penthouse, there's a pool in the basement and a bar off the lobby.

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