Fred Auth
Fred Auth (SIM)
Name Fred Auth
Home/Home Galaxy Lunar Lab Galaxy
Species Human
Group None
Role Unknown
Family Brownie Auth

Fred Auth appears in MySims Galaxy Wii. He works with Professor Nova, studing stars. When he's not working in the Lab, he is usually spending time with his sister Brownie.


Puzzling Plans

Objective: Complete the puzzle, so Fred can work on the plans.

Notepad Task Dialogue: Fred needs help putting back the plans. Help him put them back together, so he can work on them.

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: Well done. Now the plans are resorted, Fred can get to work on them.

Brownie the Bookworm

Objective: Go speak to Brownie and ask her for a book. Then meet Fred up by the Launch-pad.

Notepad Task Dialogue: Go and speak to Brownie because Fred, Billy and Prof. Nova need a book from her. Once you've got it, go and take it up to the launch pad.

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: Well done, now for the final stage of Operation Rocket!


When working on another galaxy

  • What's your favourite drink? Mine has to be that Cola that Preston dude makes.
  • I remember finding an advert for Flipper's Animal Water Park in a book here. Have you ever been there? It sounds quite fun!
  • I also read about this Boudereaux Mansion place. Aparently, it got renamed due to it's new owners. Did you hear about that?

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