Forest later known as Queen Beverly Foundation Park is an island in MySims Safari. It is a dedicated preserve to koala bears but also has a plaza owned by DJ Candy. She often does parties there but she also has a tower which she lives in and communicates to the rest of her former troop (Gal Force 4).

Appearance & Features

Star SPOILER WARNING!!! Plot and/or ending details follow.

The island is full of Blue Gum and Eucalyptus trees. Upon arrival you can see the port is made of leaves weaved around eucalyptus wood. There is a bark trail that leads to the plaza. On the way through the forest there is mainly trees. There are also more bark trails that lead to wooden huts that can be hired out to the tourists. There is also a playground with an accessible slide, swing and climbing frame. There is also a treehouse that looks as if it hasn't been used in decades, in smallprint the words DankaYu can be seen. This is the former name of the Black Warriors. Inside the tree house there is old documents and pens scattered around, but there is also a lighter with peoples photos on. Below the treehouse there is a stream which leads upstream to a pond, with bullrushes dotted around the sides and flasks with blue liquid leaking out into the pond. The plaza is home to a hangar and a DJ booth and a tree is situated right in the centre of the plaza, much like Animal Crossing.


  • Hyun
  • Candy
  • Sapphire
  • Zack

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