Fire Chief Ginny
Ginny (7)
Name Fire Chief Ginny
Home/Home Galaxy Raceway Galaxy
Species Human
Group None
Role Racer
Family None

Fire Chief Ginny appears in MySims Galaxy Wii. She is a racer in the Raceway Galaxy however, she swaps with the other racers, Goth Boy, Mel and Sir Charles, in hosting the tournement. She says she used to be able to cheer-lead like Summer.


Licence to drive!

Objective: Learn the controls to drive, and beat Ginny in a head-to-head race.

Notepad Task Dialogue: You need to learn how to drive. Ginny will teach you, and then she'll race you. Prove to her that you've taken it in by beating her.

Notepad Task Completion Dialoue: Congratulations! You won the race, so now you can race whenever! Go and report to Sir Charles, he might have an idea for you!


When you're working on another galaxy

  • I've got to be a fast racer! I mean, I have to get to places fast being a Fire Chief, and it's in my blood.
  • It was great teaching you how to race! I mean, you learnt so quick!
  • I used to be able to cheer-lead like Summer, but since I became a Fire Chief, I've kinda forgotten.

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