Fern Dumitru is Ame Cull's best friend. In her bio, it is stated that she was a plant that Ame found at school in the Art room. Only Ame was able to hear her. By the time My Sims 2 starts, she was turned human by a chemical mixed by Amanda Jane.

Roles in Games


  • Fern's last name, "Dumitru," is a Romanian form of a Latin name that means "loves the earth."
  • Fern's birthday is on Earth Day. She also becomes a bit strict on this day due to her being a former plant but still loves to protect the planet.
  • Since Fern is a vegetarian, she is highly allergic to meat and will get sick if she eats any.
  • Few people so far know that she was a plant. This includes Ame, Amanda Jane, and other people.
  • Fern is still relatively new to the whole "human life" and often depends on people she can trust to help her.
  • Fern only celebrates the follwing days/holidays: her birthday/Earth Day and Arbor Day.
  • She has many fears; all of which involve environmental disasters such as pollution, oil spills, littering, and such like those.

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