Character Info

Name Erica
Gender Female
Location New SimCity
Job Unofficial Agent
Family Danny (fiancee), Brent (brother), Michael Gray (father), Evelyn Gray (half sister), Nathan (half brother)

Erica appears in MySims Agents: The Future Mystery II.


Erica lived with her brother, mother and father. Everything was fine, until she turned 10. Her family began to fall apart. Her Brother was lost on a camping trip and never found. He was presumed dead. One year later, her parents had gotten divorced. Erica then lived with her mother until she bought an apartment when she was 18. She was able to meet her father again, because her mother restricted her from doing so. She met her father, half sister and half brother. She became close with her half brother, Nathan. Two Weeks had passed and she met Danny. He proposed to her 3 years later. She moved in with Danny thereafter.

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