Emmma image
Her name isn't a spelling mistake!
Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Female
Race Sim
Faction None
Health Full
Level Level
Status None
Location Sunnyville (Twilight the Wolf's game slot)
Emmma is a young girl with blue hair and freckles, not to mention some strange whiskers that apparently aren't painted on.


Her family starts with her great grandmother, Jewle, but then it goes unclear until she was born.


MySims Fantasy

Emmma is a Sim-Fairy who states to be part kitten, but like all other games, the cat state of her is not proved true. She gives you a quest to collect 1 of The 6 Cat Gems and return it to her so she can paint her beloved cat sculpture like a grey tabby.


  • "My name isn't a spelling mistake! Neither are my whiskers!" - when someone teases her about her name.

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