Elmira (MSG Icon) Elmira Clamp
Elmira Galaxy pic transparent
Name Elmira (MSG Icon) Elmira Clamp
Home/Home Galaxy Observatory
Species Human
Group Galactical Force
Role Librarian
Family Mira, Ian and Barney
Elmira Clamp appears in MySims Galaxy. She is the librarian at the Observatory and spends most of her time in the Library. She comes and notfies you when you have recieved a new item in the Library. This reward is either a trophy or a book, both of which are key to completing the game. She often makes complaints which turn into lectures about Morcubus and his minions, which You halt by giving a poor excuse to escape. She can sometimes be seen in the Garden reading a book whilst sitting on a fold-up chair, which only she can use or in the Kitchen, with her daughter, Mira, supposed helping her with her cooking, but which behind her back, Mira calls nagging and complaining. She doesn't mind as much about the noise, as she does in other games. She seems so become all soft yet severe, when you bring the Sim-Brigade to the Observatory, because you find them once they've crashed and bring them to the Observatory, as her nephew, Ian, is involved in the crash. Elmira acts very intense and severely towards Justice as she doesn't trust him to have her nephew's, Ian, life in his hands at first, but gradually she becomes less intense. Despite this she got Ian worried that he might not be able to continue his job with the Sim-Brigade, when she decides that he shouldn't be in the Sim-Brigade because of the dangers. Ian then points out that they're just as likely to be in danger on the Observatory as with the Sim-Brigade. Elmira then let's Ian return to them, but always is watching them in the corner of her eye.

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