Elmira Clamp is a grumpy woman who extremely dislikes noise, unpleasant things, and disruption. She is Mira Cull's mother and Barney Cull's wife although she kept her maiden name "Clamp". She appears in MySims Comix, MySims Galaxy, MySims Stranded, MySims Space Flight, and MySims Fusion.

Roles in Games


MySims Comix

Her skin tone is very pale probably because she never goes outside because she is always reading books. She has a brown Asian style hair-do with a bun and pencils sticking out of it. She wears a long, black dress with long sleeves, buttons, gray stripes, and a light blue belt. She normally has a frown with her signature glasses.

MySims Galaxy

Elmira's skin tone is now tanner and her hair stays the same except now there is no pencils. She wears the same glasses but now gold eyes hidden behind them like Katrina. Her mouth is now a smile because she enjoys seeing her family. Her outfit is now Abigail's.

MySims Stranded

Every part of her is the same as it was in MySims Comix except now she has Violet's MySims SkyHeroes outift.

MySims Fusion

Elmira's appearance in MySims Fusion is same as MySims Kingdom.

MySims Space Flight

Elmira's cosmetic features stay the same, but her dress is now a black version of Shirley's dress.


  • In MySims Galaxy, Elmira can often be seen drinking a hot drink, and never a can, showing she only drinks hot drinks.
  • Elmira's "Auntie Crumplebottom" is most likely a character from The Sims 2: Nightlife named "Mrs. Crumplebottom."
  • The experimental rock band "Nothin' But Drums" that her father used to play in is Odin Revolution's favorite rock band.
  • Ian Arneson is Elmira's nephew.
  • In MySims Agents, Elmira's biggest fear is unpleasant noises and the world to be noisy.
  • On her MySims Agents artwork, the spider on her book looks like Arachne from Super Mario RPG.
  • In MySims, when Elmira reads a book the hedgehog looks like Filbert who appears in MySims Kingdom in the The Royal Academy and *The Hedge* on *Forest of the Elves*.
  • When you send her on Barney's dispatch mission, she has a romatic interest towards him just like she did in MySims Kingdom.
  • She is alot more happy in MySims Galaxy, yet she is still very severe.

    Elmira's MySims Space Flight Dialogue icon

Foreign Names

  • English: Elmira Clamp
  • Dutch: Elvira
  • French: Lucie Lance
  • Spanish: Elma Cepo
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