Dr. F (full name: Dr. Rockets) is a mad scientist who graduated from Mad Scientist College with wacky inventions and (sometimes dangerous) experiments. He's crazy and silly and seemingly harmful, but make sure to be careful when you're around him! He'll often shout out silly phrases such as "TODAY'S WEATHER CALLS FOR A 100% CHANCE FOR SCIENCE!!!" As crazy he can be, he's very smart and entertaining. Dr. F dresses in a white lab coat and wears round glasses. He has brown eyes, wild white hair and wears red rubber gloves and boots. He runs several laboratories in your town, on Rocket Reef, in the town that hosts festivals and in Speedville and the City, and a mayor of RoboVille in MySims Robots. He appears in MySims: The Adventures of Orange Yoda, MySims Fusion, MySims Galaxy, MySims Townie, MySims: Build Your Life!, MySims Robots, and MySims Racing (3DS).

Role in Games


  • In MySims, Dr. F says his name is actually just F (and it doesn't stand for anything). However, if you complete the dispatch mission What's the F? for Alexa in MySims Agents, it is revealed that the F actually "does stand for robots."
  • At Star Level 4, Dr. F says he wants to combine a cow and a plant. This is likely a reference to the cowplant in The Sims 2: University.
  • In MySims Agents when he gives you the Detector he says "It's dangerous to go alone, take this" which is likely a reference to The Legend of Zelda, in which an old man says the same thing when he gives you your first sword.
  • Dr. F's second dispatch mission F, Robot is a reference to the movie I, Robot.
  • In MySims, Dr. F's skin is more tan than in all the other games.
  • Stephen and Dr. F both say they invented the Toaster Oven.
  • In MySims Party, Dr. F says: "My glasses are made of a transparent synthetic polymer. I believe it's called plastic." Therefore we know that his glasses are fake.
  • Dr. F has swirls in his glasses in all the DS games and his agent icon, but none of the Wii games portray him with swirly glasses.
  • On MySims Robots (not finished)
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