Dori is obsessed with all things dinosaur related, even if it's a guy whose name rhymes with Terradactyl. She will go to any measures to obtain a real, living, dino.







Hotel Introduction

Hi, have you seen a T-Rex lately? No? Oh, wait you have fossils? Yippee!

Accept Move-In

Yay! Fossils!

After You Build House

Cool, it reminds me of my favorite museum, Fossils Galore

Request for More Stuff

I want more cute things in here, like dinosaurs!

Star Level 6 and Rest of Game

Have you seen that guy named Terry Dactile? I want to be fiends!

I aced that test back in college, probably cause I spent a month on the website Dinosaurs: The Cute and the Carnivorous

I heard there's an island with a real dinosaur on it! Too bad my map doesn't have it on it.

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