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Dino Times is the fourth time/area in MySims Invasion. It has Cave Men/Dinosaur type theme and is based off the Uncharted Isle.

Dino Times


MorcuCorp Activty

MorcuCorp takes little notice of the Dino Times, they have put in a watcher (Brandi) but that is there only activity. When Brandi quits, they don't really care and don't get a replacement.

Mini Games


When you first enter the area dialouge:

???: Stay still crab!

Buddy: What is that?

Lyndsay: Sounds intresting

Classy: Intresting?! That sounds scary!

Lyndsay: Lets go!

You go to the main area dialouge:

Gonk: Gonk smash puny crab!

Sylvia: Gonk! You can't smash a crab thats underground!

Gonk: Gonk get crab!

A woman with black and purple hair and a MorcuCorp outfit walks up

???: You! Your not aloud here!

Buddy: Who are you?

Brandi: I am Brandi, MorcuCorp officer

A cute walking girl walks up

Brandi: Poppy! What are you doing here!

Poppy: They are my flower delivery people! They need to come with me!

Brandi: Hmm... Okay you are alowed to move freely here

Buddy: Yay!

Poppy escorts You, Buddy, Lyndsay and Classy to her flower shop

Lyndsay: Umm Poppy, I think you have the wrong people

Poppy: No I don't. Violet sent me a letter telling me to look for you!

Classy: Cool

Poppy: So now you can be happy here!

After all Dino times task are compleated:

Brandi: Hey [Players name]! Before you go, I have somthing to ask you. Could you find me somthing I've wanted for a while?

Buddy: Sure!

Brandi: Thanks! So I wanted to set of a master prank, so I had an idea. There are said to be ten ultamate prank tools that I would like. If you find them, could you give them to me? I'll give you a reward.

Lyndsay: Sure!

Brandi: Thanks

Dino Times Finish Reward: Blue Print Sculpture/T Rex


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