Derek Vogue is Ms. Nicole Vogue's son, Skip Rogers's nephew, and Shirley Rogers's nephew. He is also a bully and a pilot who's 18 years of age. He also appears in MySims Zombies, MySims Police Force and MySims Islanders.

Roles in Games


  • Derek Vogue's facial features somewhat resembles Tad "Flipper" McCaffrey's and Lord Daniel's.
  • Derek Vogue fancies Makoto, but is unaware she is a robot.
  • In the beta version of MySims Agents, Derek Vogue had a red cap, not a black one.
  • When Derek Vogue flies his plane in MySims SkyHeroes, he wears glasses over his eyes, but when he is not in his plane he keeps them on his forehead.
  • Since Derek Vogue's eyes are brown in MySims Agents, it is quite odd he has blue eyes in MySims SkyHeroes.
  • Derek Vogue is a "bad guy" in Agents but he is a "good guy" in SkyHeroes.
  • A Sim who looks like Derek Vogue is on the back of the original MySims cover
  • Shirley Rogers changes his hair.
  • When Derek Vogue finds out you are a part of MorcuCorp and shot down Summer, he is very concerned. This may mean he has a romantic interest in Summer, like he does with Makoto.
  • Skip Rogers is his uncle, Shirley is his aunt and Ms. Nicole Vogue is his mom.
  • In MySims Action, even though he doesn't appear in the game, Shirley talks to you about him.
  • He is the only Sim in MySims Islanders to offer only two tasks instead of three.
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