Daryl Handsly, more commonly known as Amazing Daryl, is a fun magician who claims he has miraculous control over the world's mysterious forces, and he uses them to entertain kids. Daryl is the fun Uber Sim, and comes to town only once you have reached a 100% fun interest percentage. During the parties hosted in a certain town, Daryl helps host the Surprise Event, an event in the middle of any festival that involves picking a random card. This card may help you out if you are in a hunch, but you may also find a card that may hinder you. He is also a client with a dispatch mission for the agents of the SPA. He also appears as one of the characters in MySims Islanders and MySims Agents 4: The Cutopian Crime.

Role in Games


  • Daryl is the only non-playable character in MySims Party to host a mini-game.
  • Daryl is the only character in MySims Party who's mini-game is in every festival.
  • Daryl sometimes makes his hand catch on fire.

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