Daphne (also known as Captain Jones) first appeared in MySims Gemtopia. She is the main character in the game.


Daphne was found on a beach in Gemtopia, where she was discovered by Derek and Summer. She was unconscious and injured, and was taken to the hospital. After waking up in the hospital she had no memory of who she was except that she figured her name was Daphne, because it sounded familiar to her. Daphne was shown around the island, Gemtopia, by Tim who also helped her find a house to live in. Daphne got a job at Chef Gino's Pizzareba as a waitress, which she turned out to be suprisingly good at. She later on befriended Martin, a taxi driver/pilot; Gabby, a mechanic; Joseph, a fisherman; Violet, a gothic flower shop owner; and DJ Candy, a famous DJ. Daphne was later reunited with her finders Derek and Summer. Derek did not trust Daphne, unlike Summer who decided that Daphne was completely trustworthy. Daphne tried to remember who she really was, but had no luck. After a few days of living on the island, Daphne decided to find a hobby so she became a pilot and was suprisingly good at that as well. he also turned out to be really good at cooking, taming animals, karate, singing, dancing, driving, and solving puzzles. 

One day and evil dictator named Morcubus attacked Gemtopia along with his ban of Chaos Pirates. Daphne told Summer that they seemed familiar to her for some reason, and begins to suffer from headaches. One day, Daphne was asked to join the Sky Force...


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