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Danny Stear
Name Danny Stear
Gender Male
Species Sim
Location/Home California
Role Agent
Relations/Friends You (Rival), PiX (Friend), Travis (Friend), Walker (Boss)
Game Appearences Upcoming Game to Pixelated Projects
Star Level 5

Danny is a character appears in MySims Agents: The Future Mystery. Danny is the son of Dankato, and the rival of you. Danny grew up in a ghetto town, he had to rob people in order to survive. Walker saw him threatening to rob a citizen, and took him into jail. Or so the citizen thought. Danny had actually been recruited due to his ability to kill and wits that Walker had seen. Danny first appears threatening to destroy your house, and does so under Walker's orders. His mission was to recruit you in order to take the Nightmare Crown Case. In return, he would learn more about his father, and the death of his father. His father's death is what caused him to fend for himself, and you killed his father, so he has a natural hatred towards you, but manages to conceal it around Walker. He considers killing you several times throughout the game, but he decides not to. Once you had learned the truth about Danny, you felt like you owed a debt to him for causing him so much pain. After you retire, Danny gets promoted to the Special Agent position you left open.


  • Danny was once an OC used by Pixel in a few RPs.

Danny's BannedStory Concept Art.

  • Danny is based off of a member of the band Hollywood Undead, named Daniel Murillo. His mask is based off of "J-Dog", another member of the band.
  • Walker is like a father to Danny. He "saves" Danny from the streets and is the only person in Danny's life whom he cares about.
  • Danny hates you because you killed his father, Dankato. However, as the game progresses, he begins to forgive you.
  • Danny's Name is derived from his father's name, Dankato.
  • Danny becomes a lot more mellow in The Sequel, since his enemies are dead.

Danny's Old Room, the site of many previous gang fights and his demented past. He lived here alone, since he departed Kato at the news of his father's death.

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