Dankato is mentioned in MySims Agents: The Future Mystery. He is Danny's father, and your former rival. You had killed him by causing him to suffer from a severe peanut allergy.

Dankato Stear
Name Dankato Stear
Gender Male
Species Sim
Location/Home California
Role Villan
Relations/Friends You (Enemy), Danny (Son)
Game Appearences MySims Agents: The Future Mystery
Star Level 5

Earlier Life

Dankato had been Morcubus's Partner. After Morcubus had been defeated, He made his existance known. He took control of Morcucorp, renaming it Keep It Livin Large. The name was to attract kids to buy its products, and it took the acronym KILL. After marketing many electronic devices, he had grown bored of KILL. He kept thinking of Morcubus, and decided to carry on his efforts. He had stolen Fortunite from Agent Headquarters. His mission was a failiure, because he did not get the Nightmare Crown itself. His plots were discovered, and he was made a national criminal. He went into hiding for 1 year, before his last effort had failed.


Dankato had tried to steal the Nightmare Crown from Agent Headquarters once more. Upon leaving with the crown, he triggered a security system. His plan was to take the Nightmare Crown back to his Hideout and power it with fortunite. The Security System had sounded an alarm, and every agent on the job had been sent. Your team was the first to discover him, and he had kept running. He decided to lose you near a school. Instead, he wound up cornering himself. He was about to die, but the school let out for reccess, and a young Poppy had been taken hostage, and threatened with a pistol in his back pocket. You had stopped your efforts to capture Dankato. Dankato was planning to kill you after you had surrendered, and he was going to shoot you. But you had something up your sleeve;you requested a last meal. Dankato had a very gentleman-like personality, and approved your final request. However, you ate a peanut butter sandwich. Dankato was allergic to Peanuts, and the allergy was airborne. He died of an allergy attack, leaving Danny to fend for himself.

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