Dame Matilda Nevant III of South Royale OBE, (Aka Matilda or Tilly) is a character in MySims Safari. She is a knight and works for King Roland, but is situated in the Fortunite Stronghold as she has been put on a mission to protect the Fortunites. She normally stops Zoe and Vincent from 'persuading her' to give them the crystals. She is a very strong woman and does not give way to others without a fight. Tilly is known to be very flamboyant with hairstyles and will normally dye it many colours in one day. 


  • Tilly was due to appear in MySims Nano, but was cut.
  • She has been nominated for the Fanon Awards
  • When talking to her, she will sometimes talk about her pet panda, Penny-ling.
  • She used to work as a private 'bodyguard' for Princess Butter.
  • She was born in Mauna Oruna.
  • Her interests are fun, spooky and she hates studious.

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