Conna Discomanicx is a friendly, young boy who is very smart but he lives for the dance floor. He really lacks in self-esteem but is still very friendly none the less. In MySims Action, Conna appears as a pilot who works at Shield, and is very loyal to you if your good. If you're neutral he likes you, but not your choices. If you are evil he really does not like you.

Roles in Games


  • Conna is based of the user, ConnaBuilder.
  • Even though in MySims and MySims Kingdom he loves fun, he has more interactions with spooky Sims. His best friend is Violet Nightshade, he is friends with Goth Boy and he has a crush on Wendalyn.
  • Conna makes a reference to the MySims Fanon, saying he is thinking about his blog post.
  • In MySims Mystery, Conna is shown to have a rivalry with Clara.
  • In Over, it is revealed that Skip Rogers is his uncle.
    • This could mean that Ms. Nicole Vogue is his mom, although it is very unlikely due to her only just meeting Conna in Over.
    • This could mean that Shirley is Conna's Mom.
  • Conna's voice in every game he appears in is Buddy's voice, just a bit higher pitch.
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