Name Cliff
Home/Home Galaxy Unknown
Species Human
Group MorcuCorp
Role Computer Lab Worker
Family None

Cliff appears in MySims Galaxy (Wii). He works for MorcuCorp and his work is usually in the MorcuCorp Lab working with computers. He is the controller of the Mechanical Mayhem Comet and the mayhem it causes.


Cliff's Robotic Rampage

Objective: Beat Cliff in a head-to-head robot battle

Notepad Task Information: Cliff has come to launch an attack on the Observatory but, you've challenged him to a robot battle which he simply cannot resist! If he wins, end of the universe, if you win, not end of the universe. So, remember what you've learnt and go beat him!

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: Well done, you've over-powered another one of the MorcuCorp members, so carry on and over time, you will win! Huzzah!

Reward: Robot Dress-Up Outfit.

Mechanical Mayhem Comet meets ...

--Lunar Lab Galaxy--

Objective: Get to the pod before Makoto catches you.

Notepad Task Dialogue: A mysterious person has intercepted Makoto signal waves and is controlling her to cause destruction. Stop him before much harm can be done.

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: Well done, now Cliff has been stopped you can go and help the final galaxy in need.

Reward: Telescope Essence Trophy.

--Sushi Scramble Galaxy--

Objective: Help Wendalyn cast the spells to stop the submarine from killing the fish.

Notepad Task Information: Cliff has taken control of a passing submarine and it's trying to kill all the fish. If this happens, the Sushi Bar will go bust! Help Wendalyn battle him with the power of magic!

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: Well done again, [player name]. You're doing the world proud!

Reward: Sushi Dish Essence Trophy.

--Detective Galaxy--

Objective: Join Jenny in a battle to stop Cliff hacking into the computers.

Notepad Task Information: Cliff has launched an attack on the agency and is trying to hack into the database. Join Jenny in battling off all the viruses that Cliff tries to launch at the computers.

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: Wow, I'm pretty sure this'll be the last we see of Cliff for a while ...

Reward: Microscope Essence Trophy.

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