Clayton Danader
Name Clayton Danader
Home/Home Galaxy Rolling Gizmo Galaxy
Species Human
Group None
Role Rolling Gizmo Adventure Park Owner/Runner
Family None

Clayton Dander appears in the Wii version of MySims Galaxy. He lives on his own in the Rolling Gizmo Galaxy running the Rolling Gizmo Adventure Park.


Roly Poly

Objective: Learn the basics and complete a simple course trying out the rolling gizmo feature.

Introduction Dialogue: Hey dude, how you doing? Well, I guess you've come to experience the thrill of the rolling gizmo, right? Neat, but I don't recognize you, have you been before? No. That's cool, let me direct you to the beginners section.

Notepad Task Information: You've arrived in this adventure park and I guess this is one of the rides. Looks pretty neat!

Conclusion Dialogue: Awesome! You've got the hang of this really well! Come speak to me again once you're ready to move on to the main park!

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: You seemed to do pretty well, well done! But it seems there's more to do here. Go experience it!

Reward: N/A

Having a Roll!

Objective: Complete the new Rolling Gizmo course.

Introduction Dialogue: Back again, awesome! You've completed the beginners course so you're free to go into the main course now. Go and have some fun!

Notepad Task Information: You've been allowed into the main part of the park now. There's a new, harder course for you to complete so go do it!

Conclusion Dialogue: Wow, you've come along brilliantly. Feel free to come back at any time to have another go!

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: You're officially a Rolling Gizmo expert. Congrats!

Reward: Clayton Dander's outfit.



  • {See first task}

When working on another Robo-Springs Galaxy mission

  • {N/A as he is the only task bearer in this galaxy}

After completing Clayton Dander's missions

  • People love coming here. It's quite the galactic attraction!
  • Hey [player name], what do you want to talk about? How about theorems? I love theorems!
  • Some people laugh at me because I'm geeky, but what's wrong with liking a bit of maths?

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